10 Tips for Selling Your Home Fast!

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To sell your home doesn’t have to be a long, drawn-out process. It doesn’t have to be slow or painful at all. Challenger Homes has 10 tips for selling your home fast, easy and stress-free and you can get started on them ASAP before you even list your home on zillow.com or hire a realtor:


Don’t think of your home as your home anymore. You need to de-personalize your home prior to all showings or open houses. This means you need to remove laundry baskets, toiletries, family photos and all personal elements in order to create the feeling of a “blank canvas” or “clean slate” for prospective buyers when they enter the home. You want them to envision themselves living in the home, not your family.


Less is more when it comes to furniture and décor in your home during showings and open houses. You don’t want the rooms in your home to be empty. Leave enough furniture in the room to display its functionality and potential but be sure the room feels open and bright and not cluttered.


Your home has an odor. All homes do. You need to remove that odor before buyers arrive. Odors could be from pets, cigarette smoke or stale air and poor ventilation in the home. You can remove odors with disinfectants and deep cleaning and by running ceiling fans and opening doors and windows if the weather is nice.

#4. DIY

Now is the time to finish the small DIY projects and repairs you started in your home but never finished. These types of projects include repairing dents and holes in your drywall or running toilets and faucets. You want the buyers to feel as though they could move into the home immediately without needing to complete any type of project or repair. Don’t let a small crack in a wall or chipped wood be the reason you don’t sell your home fast.


There is no such thing as too much cleaning when preparing to sell your home. You want every surface in your room to shine and sparkle before prospective buyers arrive. This means deep cleaning your shower, sink and toilets and tile floors and vacuuming and dusting. You might even consider hiring professional maids, carpet cleaners and other services during this time for an even deeper clean in your home for sale.



You should repaint rooms with bright and bold colors with more natural tones. This means if a room in your house is painted purple or red, consider repainting it eggshell white or a neutral tan color. These types of colors are more suitable for showing homes and help to create the “clean slate” ambiance you want buyers to feel when touring your home.


Replacing doorknobs, cabinet hardware and other small details in your home can be a big difference-maker in selling a home. These upgrades won’t cost you much money or time at all but can leave an impression on buyers during an open house or a showing from a realtor. You would be amazed how much minor details matter.


Install storage shelves and units in your basement, garage and closets throughout your home. Storage space is very important to buyers. Buyers want to know all of their current items will have room in the home but also want to know they can grow into the home too as they acquire more things or as they start a family of their own.


Create the sense that every room in your home serves a purpose. This isn’t necessary for the kitchen or the bathroom, but be sure that spare rooms are not 100% empty and be sure rooms like the basement and attic are bright and able to provide storage or useful functionality. You might want to update a bedroom to a home office instead just for the purpose of displaying the home’s full potential.


You need to be sure your windows, your roof, your utilities and other foundational elements of your home are in excellent condition before listing your home. Buyers do not want to purchase a home knowing there will be an immediate need for a $5,000, $10,000 or even $20,000+ repair or purchase soon after they buy the home. You can often price the repairs into the selling price of the home for a good return on investment.