8 Low-Cost Ideas to Stage Your Home

staging home

Staging a home means to decorate it and present it in the best way possible. Oftentimes this means a professional will redecorate the home and even rent new décor and furniture to display in the home during the selling process.

Homes with staging sell 80% faster than homes where there is no staging. You might be hesitant to hire a professional stager due to the costs. The good news is, there are low-cost ways to stage your home on your own.

Follow our tips below to stage your home:


This will sound familiar if you read our 10 Tips for Selling Your Home Fast. You simply cannot have clutter in your home during an open house or during visits from prospective buyers. Find a place for everything. Purchase more storage shelves and cabinets if necessary but do not leave clutter out in the open if you want to sell your home.


You should pack up seasonal items or items you won’t need during the process of selling your home and put the boxes either in your new home or in a storage space near your home. This will free up the storage areas in your home and create an open feel to the home for new buyers. You are going to be packing everything soon anyways, this just gives you a head start and serves another purpose.


To stage your home starts with cleaning your home. This was another tip from our article on how to sell your home fast. This means you need to vacuum your carpet, dust, wipe down countertops and hard-surface floors and maybe even hire a professional carpet cleaning company for deep cleaning. You cannot have visible stains, grease, dirt or grunge anywhere in your home if you want to sell it fast.


Crown molding is an easy addition to any room in your home. You can add crown molding with minimal efforts and cost and add richness to any room. A wider trim creates more impact. The wider the trim the more expensive the room will look.


Add throw pillows to couches, recliners, beds and anywhere appropriate. The more the better. Use contrasting and bold colors and patterns. The average throw pillow only costs $15-20 and you can bring them with you to your new home after you sell your current home.


Update the hardware on cabinets and drawers in your kitchen and bathrooms. You can update doorknobs throughout your home as well. New hardware adds just a little shine and polish without much cost or effort.


Replace non-descript lighting in your home with new designs and fixtures. This is a chance to add more light to your home and modern and stylistic touches that will appeal to the prospective buyers and anyone visiting your home. You can purchase new light fixtures for around $50-150 a piece.


Everyone loves fresh flowers and fresh flowers look beautiful in every room of a home. You should purchase bouquets and arrangements of flowers for multiple rooms in your before each showing.