Clean Your Home, Sell Your Home

deep cleaning

We believe it is very important for you to deep clean your home in order to sell it as fast as possible at a good price. Buyers will remember details as small as a dirty bathroom or a stain on carpet. You don’t want dirt to be the memory they have about your home.

In order to sell your home, you should deep clean every room and clear clutter from storage areas. Learn more:


You need to wipe down every inch of your kitchen. This means mopping hardwood or tie floors and bleaching countertops. Be sure to mop and shine floors before open houses and showing for a little extra sparkle before buyers arrive.

You also should empty out the refrigerator and wipe it down spotless and remove all old or expired food. Wipe off fingerprints from stainless steel too.

Clear out older food from your pantry and change the garbage bag and be sure to deep clean your oven and microwave too. You don’t want baked on food in either the microwave or the oven.

Empty out the dishwasher too and put all the cups, bowls and plates in their respective drawers or cabinets in the kitchen.


No one wants to see a dirty bathroom during an open house or showing. You should scrub the grout and tiles in your shower and bathtub. You would be amazed how important bathtubs and showers are for selling a home.

Clean every inch of your toilet and every inch around it. The reasons for this should be very obvious J

You should also wipe down the bathroom mirror and clear off all cosmetic and hygiene products from the vanity. Wipe down the faucets on the sink and remove any medication or personal items from medicine cabinets.


Organize shelving and storage areas in your basement so there is no clutter. This will open up the room and ensure the potential buyer there will be nice, organized storage for all of their items when they move in. You should also clean the washer and drier if those units are in the basement too.

The same recommendations apply for your garage. Be sure everything in the garage is organized in order to convey the idea that the garage will offer plenty of storage space for the new buyer. You also want them to be confident they can park one or two vehicles in the garage depending on its size.


Organize closets in each bedroom and create as much free space as possible for the appearance of additional storage potential. The bed should be made before the arrival of buyers. You should also vacuum all of the carpet in each room and consider scheduling professional carpet cleaners if it’s been more than 6 months since your last appointment. Find Tampa carpet cleaners on Yelp.


  • Change Lightbulbs
  • Change Garbage Bags
  • Utilize Air Fresheners
  • Touch-Up Paint
  • Tighten Cabinet Hardware

A clean home is much more likely to sell fast than a dirty home. Buyers want to imagine themselves living in a home and no one wants to imagine a dirty home.

A little elbow grease can lead to a home that sells fast for a great price!