The Paint Color That Sells Homes

blue room

In our 10 Tips for Selling Your Home Fast post, we recommended that you paint rooms in your home to more neutral colors. You want to avoid bold colors and reds and similar hues.

Neutral could mean eggshell white or a tan or beige type color. In 2016, light yellow was the neutral color of choice, but in 2017, there is a new, light paint color equating to homes selling fast and for top dollar.

“What paint color?” you ask. You should paint the rooms in your home various shades of blue in 2017.


Blue hues are very popular in 2017. This is very likely due to the popular farmhouse style made famous by the TV show Fixer Upper on HGTV where rooms are often painted light blues to accompany white finishes on cabinetry and accents. The “shiplap” finishes associated with farmhouse décor and decorating are also extremely popular right now.

We recommend you paint your bathroom a light shade of blue before you put your home up for sale. Bathrooms are one of the two main rooms that sell a home and a blue bathroom can help your home stand out from the hundreds of others with bathrooms painted white or tan.

You should also consider painting the kitchen in your home blue as well as bathrooms and dining rooms.

This trend could change over time and another color could become more popular, but for selling a home in 2017, blue is definitely the best color to choose.

To paint a bathroom or bedroom is a very cheap investment too if it leads to a faster sale or the selling price you are after.

You will only need to purchase the paint and whatever paint supplies you do not have at your home. A couple of hours later and your home might sell a couple of weeks earlier for a couple of thousand dollars more.

Paint your home in light blue hues and stage your home for an ambiance that buyers will absolutely love. A blue room or two could have you seeing green in no time and your home could be sold right after!

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