Types of Hammers for Home Repair


There are dozens of varieties of hammers that are often used for home repair and other construction works to complete to sell your home. They vary in size, shape, and application as well.

While completing the items in your toolkit, you may need to make the right decision about what type of hammers must be included in it and which one can be avoided. Prefer to go through the details below to make the right decision about buying hammers for home repair.

Claw Hammer:

This is one of the most commonly used types of the hammer that can be found with steel handle, glass fiber finish or with wooden handle.

Its weight can fall somewhere between 455 grams to 680 grams and the claw of this hammer is usually designed in curved shape. This claw can help to lever up the floorboards or can help to pull out nails from objects.

The shapes of the claw in these hammers usually vary as per the size of the tool and they can be used for different applications. The claw hammer is majorly designed for woodworks.

Ball Peen Hammer:

The ball peen hammer helps to handle the metalwork. These hammers are also known as engineered hammers and are often used to drive cold chisels, punches, shape metals and to set rivets. Depending upon the strength of design of the tool, it can be used for different applications.

The head of these hammers is often made up of carbon steel material and manufacturers generally add special cushioning arrangement to make them easier to handle. If you are searching for woodwork’s tool then ball peen hammer is not made for you but yes if you need a solution to drive chisels then ball peen hammer will assist you well. Choose the right one by considering its hardness and weight.

Club Hammer:

It is also known as a sledgehammer that has a small handle and can be easily handled by beginners as well. Professionals also call it a rubber mallet and it helps to get a softer blow as compared to the metal hammer.

These hammers are designed with a large rubber head that helps to shape the sheet metal projects without causing any unwanted damage to the material. These hammers generally have weight somewhere between 2 to 3 lb and few of them can also be of the 4lb weight range.


It is a kind of wooden block that is fixed to a sturdy handle. It helps to drive a chisel and also help to tap the wooden joints. Carpenters and joiners call it an essential tool for their routine needs.


These special types of hammers are generally made up of hardwood material. The most common application of mallets is where you cannot use a metal hammer as they may cause more damage to the project. Their tapered head leads to better contact with the piece of the project under consideration.

Other than this, you may find aluminum hammers, blocking hammers, copper hammers, lath hammers and planishing hammers. Choose the right one after listing your requirements.

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