Boise being the capital of Idaho, has numerous amazing places to visit and make your stay worthwhile. The city was established in the gold rush era in the years after 1800.

The state capitol building

The place took 15 years to complete; it is made out of sandstone and marble. 2 million dollars were paid as the final cost when the building was done. Classic examples inspired the design of the building. Tourists usually like to visit this place to have nice walks around because of the scenery around and because the building is a pretty important part of the city’s heritage.

Boise river greenbelt

If you are someone who loves nature walks and to be amongst nature, then you would love to visit this twenty-five-mile greenbelt along the Boise River running through the centre of the city. This beautiful place has a non-motorised commute which provides a quiet and peaceful experience in nature. The greenbelt has an urban pathway which connects to other places of the city that are culturally significant.

Anne Frank Human rights Memorial

This place is located in the Boise cultural district near the public library. If you are a cultural and history buff, then you would enjoy this place. There are about sixty quotes from human rights figures and leaders throughout history. There are also stainless-steel statues of the leaders of human rights. The memorial is surrounded by a variety of flowers and trees from all around the world.

Camel’s back park

The camel’s back park is at the edge of foothills of Boise and the north end region of the city. This place is an open space for visitors to spend their time doing a variety of activities. It is an eleven-acre developed land that has tennis courts, outdoor gym and playgrounds. During the warmer months, people prefer to come and picnic in these regions. A two-mile trek climbs to a beautiful view of the city. They have the best hiking trails, and people who love outdoor activities could visit this place.

Idaho Botanical garden

Idaho Botanical garden

This botanical garden was established in 1984 due to public interest and community efforts, and the garden has been growing ever since. People who are interested in horticulture would love this place that has about fourteen speciality gardens. The garden varies from different kinds like the contemporary English garden and also have a meditative garden. The garden is known for its rose garden that has more than three hundred different roses and a hundred and seven varieties. With such a wonderful collection, one could say that this garden is a bed of roses.

There are many other wonderful places that you can visit, and Boise is the capital and the largest city in Idaho, has a variety of cuisines to try as well, if you are in Boise do visit all these places and have a wonderful time.